Joy in nature for every body.

The World Health Organization estimates that 1.3 billion people, 16% of the global population, experience a significant disability. Studies show that nature is our greatest source for personal health and well-being. Spending 120 minutes per week in our natural environment has a positive impact on our physical and psychological health.

Backstitch is built on the universal idea that joy and wonder in nature should be available for every body. We provide outdoor inspired accessible products to enhance the experience outside.

Our company prioritizes People and Planet before Profit with a long-term goal of building an employee-owned certified B-Corp.



We believe in the importance of connecting with individuals to develop and support our products.



We design our products collaboratively to ensure they work seamlessly with you.



We use advanced technologies like additive 3D printing to provide innovative accessible products.



We design for every body knowing that we are all unique individuals.


Timothy was born in England and immigrated to the United States in the late seventies. He grew up on the east coast where nature, curiosity, and personal experiences forged a lifelong appreciation and strong desire for justice and equity.


After 25 years working and creating products for others, he built his own company to better meet the needs of individuals. He is inspired by the Japanese philosophy, Ikigai – combining life, meaning and purpose.


Throughout Timothy’s career, he’s worked on projects that resulted in six utility and three design patents. Creative thinking is infused into every aspect of how he builds innovative and sustainable solutions.


There are infinite possibilities in the world. As a romantic dreamer with a big heart, Timothy includes others in the journey to enhance their joy in nature.

What challenges can we solve together?

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